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Live Agent Chat
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Q.Is there a Minimum Service Term?

A.No. Live Agent Chat believes we need to earn your business always. If you are not happy with our solution, you cancel at any time without penalty. Service is provided on a month to month basis. Simply cancel the authorized licensed seats in the administrative control panel, and your service will end at the end of the period you paid for.

Q.Can I Prepay More than One Month?

A.Yes. At any time you and pre-pay. Some customers like to purchase one year at a time to avoid monthly billing.

Q.Can I add and remove Seats?

A.Yes. There is no minimum or maximum number of seats. Seat can be added or removed through the administrative control panel. Your billing will be automatically adjusted.

Q.What do I have to install or maintain?

A.Nothing! This is an innovative web based service. As long as you have an internet connection and a browser you are ready to go.

Q.Is it Secure?

A. Yes. We provide advanced security to our solution. Not only do we use secure encryption when sending messages, our software application and database has multiple layers of security and encryption as well. Our designs conform to the stringent standards imposed under PCI standards.

Q.Is it Auditable?

A.Yes. We employ logging on all records and maintain all past history. These records are fully searchable.

Q.You seem too cheap compared with others, what am I missing?

A. Nothing. We decided to affordably price our live chat support solution, because the plain fact is that existing solutions are way too expensive for most businesses. There is no need to charge the kind of prices they do, and the fact is more modern web technology is less expensive to build and more feature rich, stable and powerful. We are passing these benefits on to you. We are providing exceptional value, and if you agree please tell your business associates and friends about us.

Q.Is Your Solution Proven and Reliable?

A.Yes. Our solution is new, but tested in the most rigorous and demanding customer service environment. Travel Impressions is a leading worldwide travel vacation company operated by American Express. Our solution was designed for their complex needs and is now available to you at an exceptional price. Take advantage of our free trial and judge for yourself. Live Chat Agent is an exceptional live chat help solution offered at an exceptional value.

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