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Summary of License and Service Terms

Our license and service terms are simple and straight forward. Here are a couple of key terms:

Seats. As long as you pay your monthly license fee, you are free to use our software or service on a licensed seat basis. This means for each licensed seat there is one authorized user at a time that can use the software or service. Of course, different persons can sign in and use it at different times.

Permitted Use. You are allowed to operate the software or service for your internal business use. You may not, however, re-license, rent, lease, or share the software or service with other third parties. Hey, that’s fair, right? That’s our business.

No Stealing and Copying. You cannot access or use the software or service to de-compile, reverse engineer, copy or reproduce our software application or an application that is similar to our software application. This includes emulating or simulating its look, styles, designs, behavior, methods, functions and all the rest. We hope you agree that’s fair. Otherwise, we don’t need your type of customer. We put a lot of thought and work into developing our chat support software.

Help Us Be Known. We give you the ability to customize your conversation boxes and chat buttons but we only require that you do not remove our “Powered by Logo and Link”. That is how we can build our business by letting others know who we are and that your business is using Live Chat Agent.

Transferability. Yes, sure go ahead. If your business is sold or acquired, you can transfer the license by just letting us know in writing who the new owner is.

So Cheap if You Don’t Pay We Must Turn You Off. You pay your license fees on a monthly basis (you can pre-pay for longer periods if you desire) in advance. If we do not receive your payment on or before the ensuing use period, we will have to suspend or terminate your service.

The full terms and conditions of the license are found here. The actual license and service agreement controls and the descriptions above are intended to help orient you generally.

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